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Buying back foreign currency

For the first time in Israel! Buying back Foreign Currency - Took too much money abroad? We'll buy it back from you at the same rate you bought it!


If you purchased foreign exchange at CHANGE ME for your travels abroad and came back with some of the money to Israel - we will buy your money back!

CHANGE ME gives its customers an exclusive benefit, the first of its kind in Israel - and buys the foreign exchange you have from your trip - at the same conversion rate!

So that you can go abroad with peace of mind:
* With a sum of money that will give you safety
* Without fear of losing money on conversion back to NIS when you return
* Without paying a commission for the conversion
* And maybe even earn - if the rate drops


How does it work?
Buying back foreign currency is given as a unique service to CHANGE ME,members, along with many other benefits.
In order to enjoy the service, we invite you to join our customer club, easily and quickly - for free! To join click here
In order to receive the service, we invite you to reach the CHANGE ME branch in Herzliya in order to convert up to 25% of the amount you paid or 2,500 NIS (whichever is lower), that is within 30 days from the date you purchased the foreign currency - at the same conversion rate!

IMPORTANT - The receipt must be kept at the time of purchase of the foreign currency and presented at the branch along with an ID document, to provide you with the service. Without the receipt, unfortunately we will not be able to provide you with the service.


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