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Questions and answers

Where is the most lucrative place to buy foreign currency?

The most lucrative place to buy foreign currency is in the CHANGE or CHANGE Online positions, where buying foreign currency is free of charge, at highly competitive exchange rates, and can even be paid by credit card.


At CHANGE Online

The purchase can be divided into installments. It is important to check that the CHANGE branch you have reached is licensed and approved by the Ministry of Finance, to avoid buying counterfeit foreign currency.

What if I ordered foreign currency on my credit card and the courier did not arrive?

Don’t worry! We are here for you, the CHANGE ME call center is available for you to solve any problem. If the courier does not arrive, contact us and we will provide a quick and professional response. We will clarify the location of the courier and arrange for the transfer of the money as soon as possible. In any case, your credit card will be charged only after receiving the money from the courier.

What should I take: Dollars / Euros or the direct currency of the country to which I am traveling to?

We recommend that you avoid double conversions, that is, pay a commission on the conversion from NIS to Dollar / Euro and then another commission in buying the local currency in the target country.


A wide variety of currencies are available at CHANGE ME, which you can purchase directly and save unnecessary commissions. If you return with a large amount of local money - we will be happy to help you through the "Buy Back"service!
For details about the service click here

What is the minimum amount I can get from you?

The minimum amount for purchasing currency online is NIS 1200.

What happens if I have local money left?

At CHANGE ME, we have a unique service for members of our loyalty club - "Buy Back" where we buy back the local money that you have left at the same rate you bought it from us - All the details about the service click here

How is the money being transferred to me after ordering online?

When you order currency in CHANGE ME - you have two options to receive the money:
A. Pick up from the CHANGE branch in Herzliya Pituach
B. Ordering a courier that will come all the way to your home or business and will provide you with the foreign exchange.

What’s important to check before you buy at CHANGE?

It is vital to check the business license and whether it works under the approval of the Ministry of Finance.
For your peace of mind, and of course your safety abroad, it is important to verify this before purchasing to avoid buying counterfeit foreign exchange.

What are the advantages of buying foreign currency on credit card - in installments?

Travel expenses are high and immediately become a burdon on your bank account, which certainly makes you think twice about each expense. So, in order to travel in peace and enjoy every minute, it is worthwhile to purchase foreign currency in Israel at the most lucrative terms and to divide the expense into several installments, instead of paying everything immediately.

Is the system secure?

The CHANGE ME system was established under the most innovative and meticulous security measures!
* The transfer of personal information and credit card details is done in a completely secure manner, in order to protect the customer's information.
* The CHANGE ME system implements the PCI standard - a binding international standard for the credit card companies and operates by outsourcing to VERIFONE, a certified PCI service provider.
* Credit card information is encrypted and is not stored in the CHANGEME system.
* In addition to complying with the standard, the site received permission from GEOTRUST to perform secure data transfer on the website. The system is based on SSL protocol - SECURE SOCKET LAYER.
* This protocol encrypts data transfer securely and turns them into an unreadable sequence of signs.
* When placing the order on the site, the credit card is checked with the credit card company, and the authenticity of the card is verified.
* A customer of the credit card companies is entitled to full liability and protection in case of unauthorized use of the card according to the credit card law.

What is the advantage of CHANGE ME over the competitors

CHANGE ME is an innovative service that gives you maximum convenience with minimal effort and allows you to purchase foreign currency on the Internet - at the touch of a button.

Even if you remembered at the last minute, our delivery will arrive within 4 hours with the foreign currency you ordered. All at the best exchange rates, in a wide range of currencies, you can pay by cash or credit card - in installments, in an advanced and secure website that will provide you with a safe and comfortable environment to enjoy a reliable and courteous service.
CHANGE ME operates, of course, under license, with the approval of the Ministry of Finance.

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